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SonRise Faith Community Staff

SonRise is blessed with an active and talented staff that supports the many programs and activities of the church. Our staff functions with a strong emphasis on teamwork.  Our staff sees its role as empowering the members of the congregation by supporting the ministry.  They strive to also call forth and encourage the gifts of individual members in the areas of planning and implementing programs, ministry in the arts, and ministry of the Word.

Rev. Dr. Frederick R. Browning - Senior Pastor

Dr. Frederick Browning - Pastor of SonRise Faith Community Center, Tempe, Arizona, is a Christian educator who teaches the Word of Faith in a clear and practical manner. He is the faithful husband of Zetta Satterwhite Browning, and the loving father of three daughters and one granddaughter.

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Zetta Satterwhite Browning - a teacher of special needs students from 1972 - 2006, began teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ within correctional facilities throughout Arizona in 1984. As an ordained minister, Sister Browning's primary ministerial call targets women, children and families.

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Pastor Zetta S. Browning - Associate Pastor
Rev. Stephen E. Browning - Associate Pastor

Educational accomplishment includes a M.Ed. degree in Counseling/Human Relation; Bachelor Degree in Sociology / Nonprofit Administration; Certificate in Biblical Counseling - American Assoc. of Christian Counselors and a Bible College certification program leading to a Pastoral Ordination.

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Freeman Colbert - Finance Committee

Church Finance Committee

Freeman Colbert - Finance Committee
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