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SonRise Faith (Goals & Objectives)

Equipping People to Evangelize the Word!

  1. Teach the saints the uncompromising Word of God, focusing on specific areas as follows:
    • Teach the saints how to be disciples
    • Teach the saints how to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel".
    • Accomplish the above task by stressing the following subject matter...
      • The Power of Prayer (Developing personal relationship with God)
      • Dominion and Authority (Learning to submit to God, to know who we are and what we can do in Christ)
      • Fruit of the Spirit (Exhibiting the character of God)
      • Faith (Acting on the Word of God)
  2. Focus on working with the Lord to build a ministry that will affect the lives of people of all ages, racial and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Equipping people to evangelize the world by:
    • Perfecting the arts as an evangelistic tool.
    • Prospering in finances and health and in every area of life to be an example to the world.
  4. Mentoring ministers and encouraging them to start ministries in the United States and in other nations.
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